Why Does the Outside of My House Smell Like Sewer and How to Fix It?

Why Does the Outside of My House Smell Like Sewer

Does your home smell like sewer gas? If the outside of your house smells like a sewer, it could be caused by the decomposition of organic matter in wastewater. Removing the causes will help reduce these odors from occurring. Your home may smell like sewage or rot because something has gone wrong with the sewer system in your area but all hope is not lost. Let’s learn how to fix it.

Why Does the Outside of My House Smell Like Sewer?

It’s not a pleasant experience when you walk outside your house and are met with an unpleasant smell. So what could be the reason for this foul smell?

There can be a few reasons why your house smells like sewer. One possibility is that the P-trap on your drainage system is dried out, which would prevent water from flowing through and stop sewer gases from leaking into your home. Another possibility is that you don’t have proper ventilation set up to keep the gases from entering your house. Sewer gases contain hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and methane, both of which are harmful to your health. If the gas levels get high enough, they might even cause nausea or vomiting.

Another possible explanation for the smell is that it’s coming from your yard instead of inside your house. This happens when there’s a blockage in the sewage line and the gases get pulled down into the yard instead of going up and out through the roof vent. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to take action to fix the problem as soon as possible. Not only is it unpleasant having to deal with this issue, but it can also be dangerous for your health if left untreated.

5 Reasons for sewage gas smell outside the house

1. Loose Toilet Bowl

A loose toilet bowl can be the source of sewer gas, giving off a foul smell. Excess sewer gases can also enter your home through leaky wax rings in between the flange and base of toilets.

There are several potential reasons for your bathroom smelling like a sewer. A smell in your toilet might not be the source of a smell you’re noticing, but it’s still worth checking in case there is an obstruction or something else causing the foul odor which has permeated throughout the entire house.

2. Faulty Water Trap or A dried-out P-trap

One common reason for this sewage gas smell outside the house is when there’s a faulty water trap or when the P-trap has dried out.

3. Septic Blockage

If you’re noticing a sewage gas smell outside your house, it’s possible that there’s a blockage in your septic system. When this happens, the wastewater doesn’t drain properly and causes odors to escape. There are many potential causes of septic system blockages, but some of the most common ones include:

  • flush items that are not meant to be flushed and should go in the toilet like baby wipes, dental floss, toys, cat litter, or other foreign objects;
  • tree roots growing into or around the septic tank or sewer line; and
  • grease clogging your pipes.

4. Sewer Leaks

A sewer leak can be caused by rust, corrosion, blockage, or holes along the pipe. The seal on your toilet might be slipping due to a loose connection. If you’re experiencing a sewer gas smell outside the house, it’s important to find the source of the leak and fix it as soon as possible.

The solution your plumber will use depends on the cause of the leak. A plumbing camera is used to detect where the leak is coming from and then dye or steam is used to make it visible above ground. There are a number of possible solutions for the cause of the sewer gas smell outside the house. The cause might be hydro-jetting, replacing the sewer line, or another solution entirely.

5. Broken or loose vent pipes

One common reason for sewage gas smells outside the house is a broken or loose vent pipe. This happens when vents, which allow sewer gas to leave your home and not go elsewhere, like a drain trap or outside, become damaged.

Corrosion is one reason vents fail; checking for corrosion can help prevent it. Vents can also corrode from the acid in urine and other things that may come down your drains. Venting can occur from a clog in the pipes, which is why it’s important to flush only items that are meant to go down the toilet- like human waste and toilet paper!

Gas displaces towards areas where it wouldn’t normally occupy when venting occurs, making it noticeable during times of heavy water usage or windy weather. If you’re noticing a sewage smell outside your house more often than not, this could be the problem. Professionals can go through piping and clean until they reach the roof if you run into this type of problem with your plumbing system.

Foreign objects can cause septic blockages- something as small as dental floss can get caught in cracks and stop proper drainage. The smell of sewage gas is usually indicated by a whiff of ammonia. Be sure to keep an eye out for this smell and contact a professional if you think there’s something wrong with your septic system!

How to eliminate the smell of sewage outside my house?

Fix Dried-out P-trap

If you are having trouble with a dried-out or smelly P-trap, there are a few things you can do:

  • Make sure each area of your home that has a drain has a P-trap.
  • Check to make sure the P-trap is properly installed and not leaking.
  • Pour water down the drains to help flush out the system and remove any built-up residue.

Luckily, there are videos online that can help point you in the right direction for fixing it yourself. However, if you’re unsure of what you’re doing or if the problem persists, calling a professional plumber is often best. They can provide free estimates for expert repairs and get your home back to smelling fresh in no time.

Ensure your Toilet Bowl is Properly fixed

If the outside of your house smells like a sewer or your toilet bowl smells like sewage, it could have a broken or loose seal. If you suspect sewage is leaking in your toilet, close the lid of the toilet and flush it to check if it’s broken. If you hear any unusual sounds from your toilet, contact a professional for repair or replacement.

If water pools around your toilet and drains slowly into the bowl, bacteria will grow and produce foul odors. Apply caulk to your toilet seals and bolts. Reset your toilet with a new wax ring if the bowl is loose. Contact a professional for repairs if the toilet needs to be replaced

Check for Septic Blockage

If you’re noticing a sewage smell near your home, the first thing you should do is check for a septic blockage. You can do this by flushing non-wasteful items down the toilet to see if the smell goes away. Some things to avoid flushing are baby wipes, dental floss, toys, cat litter, and other foreign objects.

Always read the label on a product before you flush it. If you’re still having trouble getting rid of the smell after trying these tips, call a plumber for help. They will use diagnostic cameras and other methods to find leaks or clogs that may be causing the issue.

Check and Fix Sewer Leaks

Leakage in the sewer line is a common problem that can cause a lot of damage if not fixed quickly. The main causes of this type of leak are:

  • Damage to your sewer or septic pipes- This can be caused by roots from trees and plants, corrosion, or improper installation.
  • Broken seals on fittings- This often happens as a result of movement in the ground due to changes in temperature or weather conditions.
  • Collapsed pipe- Sewer line leaks can also be caused by a collapsed pipe.

If you suspect you have a sewer leak, it’s important to take action right away. Check for signs such as water pooling around your foundation, wet spots in your yard, strange smells, gurgling noises coming from your drains, and Changes in water pressure. Once you’ve identified the source of the leak, you can begin to look for solutions. Depending on the cause of the leak, there may be different ways to fix it.

For example:

  • If there is damage to your pipes due to roots from trees or plants, one solution may be installing an underground drainage system.
  • If there is damage to your pipes because of corrosion, one solution may be using epoxy coatings or liners.
  • If the pipe has collapsed, you may need to replace it.

Fix Broken or Loose Vent Pipe

One of the most common causes of sewage smell from outside your home is a broken or loose vent pipe. A broken or loose vent pipe can cause sewage to back up into your home, and water to flow back out of your drains. It can also cause moisture damage to your walls and ceilings. If you suspect that your vent pipe is broken or loose, call a plumber for repairs.

Ensure Your Septic Tanks are properly covered

Septic tanks should be covered to prevent odors from escaping and sewage from flowing onto your property. The most common sign of a leak is a strong smell near the septic tank. You can check to make sure the manhole covers and risers are covered securely with lag screws.

If you have a problem with rodents, you can also use weather stripping to temporarily seal a leaky lid until service is completed on your tank. The plumber will use a variety of solutions to fix the smell, such as hydro-jetting when there is a leak or damage. He may suggest replacing the sewer line, repairing it, or hydro-jetting it instead of replacing it entirely.


Why does my backyard smell like sewage?

The smell of sewage can be a sign that there is a problem on the property. The causes of sewer smell can be difficult to eliminate and may include escaped gas from the municipal system or a leaking septic tank. Sewer odor is not uncommon, but it’s best to call your local sewage company if you are experiencing problems with the smell. In most scenarios, the smell of sewage comes from your backyard, but it’s possible for the smell to come from another location on your property. If you are experiencing any problems with the smell of sewage, please contact your local sewage company for assistance.

Does lime help with sewer smell?

No, it does not. Lime is a cleaner and deodorizer that will help with the smell of urine. Sewer smells are created by methane gas from decomposing sewage in an underground pipe. The gas is released through the top of the pipe and into your house.

Why does my outside drain smell like sewage?

There are a few reasons why your outside drain might smell like sewage. One possibility is that the drain is clogged and needs to be cleaned out. Another possibility is that there is something wrong with the sewer line, such as a leak or break.

You can try pouring baking soda into the drain followed by white vinegar. Let this mixture sit for two hours with the door closed before slowly pouring a gallon of hot water down the drain. If this doesn’t work, pour chlorine bleach into the trap and let it sit for another two hours with the door closed before running cold water for 10 minutes to rinse that down and then pour in 1/2 cup more bleach and wait another 2 hours before starting over again with hot water from a gallon jug. If none of these solutions works, you may need to call a plumber to investigate further.

Does sewer gas smell come and go?

Sewer gas smells can come and go. If the smell lasts for only a day or two, it’s probably just from toilet flushing in your house or basement that has gone down into the sewer pipes. The smell may come from a neighbor’s house or the city sewage system.

If you’re noticing a sewer smell that comes and goes, it could be caused by one of several things:

Sewer gas can seep up through your sewer pipes. The smell of sewer is a sign that you have an issue with your plumbing system, which should be fixed as soon as possible. Sewer gas leaks can be caused by clogged drains, dry or loose plumbing, and improper ventilation.

Inspect for cracked or loose sewer pipes when the smell comes back up the drain. If your home’s wastewater has nowhere to go, a clogged drain is usually what’s causing it. If you smell sewage in your home, it could be because of a clog in your main sewer line. If the plumbing seals that help keep gases out dry or become loose, that can explain foul odors. Depending on the size and location of the drain clog there may be different solutions needed to fix it.

Why does it smell like sewer outside at night?

A sewer smell in your home is typically caused by bacteria and decomposing waste. The most common cause of a sewer smell is the bacteria and decomposing waste in the sewers. If the sewer is not properly sealed, gas will escape into your home. Sewer traps are designed to trap sewer gases before they can enter your home.

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